Advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring

The current offer in flooring and floor coverings includes various materials. Along with the traditional wooden or stoneware floors, there are other options, such as vinyl floors , which have recently become very popular . The new materials and treatments used in its preparation have made it possible to create a floor with great benefits.

There are few advantages of viny flooring explained below:

They are easy to clean : This type of coating allows easy and uncomplicated cleaning . Being made of waterproof materials , you can use the mop soaked in water and a floor cleaner that does not contain abrasives or solvents.

They are suitable for wet areas : Their impermeability makes them perfect for the most humid areas of the house , such as the kitchen and the bathroom. To avoid accidents, it is recommended that you use a vinyl floor with anti-slip treatment in these areas .

They are easy to install : The installation of a vinyl floor does not require removing the previous one, since it is placed on top. luxury vinyl flooring in Bedford, NH This represents a significant saving in cost and time , being a fast, simple and clean installation. Usually, these floors are supplied in rolls, sheets or in tile format.

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They have a wide variety of designs : We can find vinyl coverings that imitate different materials very well , such as wood , stone or stoneware . In different finishes and colors , these floors will allow you to find an option that fits perfectly with the decoration of your home.

They are very hygienic : The materials used in the manufacture of these coverings prevent the accumulation of mites and bacteria , so they are especially clean. This feature makes them ideal for installation in children’s bedrooms and in the kitchen or bathroom.

Disadvantages of vinyl flooring

They are vulnerable to heat and sunlight : This type of coating can deteriorate faster if you expose it to a direct source of heat . That is why it is convenient that we do not leave hot objects on it. They also suffer discoloration if they are exposed to direct sunlight , so it is advisable not to use them in areas of the house where the sun shines directly.

They are less resistant : Although much progress has been made in the resistance and durability of this type of flooring, creating floors with 3 or 4 layers, however, they are still vulnerable to scratches and, in general terms, are less resistant than a tile or stoneware floor .