Welcome Address by Chief of Staff, Office of the Deputy President

Ken-OsindeThe Kenyan Government and The Kenyan People are delighted and honored to host the NIW Ā Quadra Helix Summit on Ā 8th Ā  March 2018 Ā  in Kenya and in Africa for the first time.

On behalf of HE The Deputy President, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all delegates from the various countries. I realize that you are fully dedicated to the universal acceleration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation through harnessing data for effective development.

The Triple Helix Summit is principally is designed to enhance the use of a Quadra Helix approach that incorporates Government, the private sector, Civil Society and the Academia in exploring the use of ICT and Data in accelerating the attainment of Vision 2030 and SDGs.

The Summit is not an isolated event but rather is part of a larger process by this administration to inculcate the use of data for decision making. In 2014, H.E The Deputy President launched the National Partnership of Data for Development, bringing various stakeholders together to explore ways of collecting, sharing and utilizing data for development.

As a government, we are committed multi-stakeholder involvement, Goal 17, in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals within the stipulated timelines.

I trust you will experience the great hospitality of the Kenyan people and you will make time to enjoy our beautiful country by visitingĀ various tourist attractions after the conference.

H.E The Deputy President looks forward to meeting all of you during this Summit.

Ambassador Ken Osinde
Chief of Staff, Office of the Deputy President